ISN 2024 Volunteer Poster Presentations

ISN 2024 Poster Abstract Rules

  1. Decisions on poster abstracts submitted prior to midnight April 22, 2024 will be made on April 23, 2024. Acceptance of additional abstracts will continue after this deadline as space allows.
  2. Submission of an abstract is not a guarantee of a poster presentation. Abstracts will be checked for suitability by the program committee.
  3. Prepare the abstract as a 2 page Microsoft Word file using single line spacing and size 11 or 12 font. The abstract can be a maximum of 1800 characters including spaces. This number does not include title, author names, affiliations, or a footnote at the bottom of the abstract listing grant support or other funding.  No images allowed in the file.
  4. Submit this Word file as an attachment to:

Page 1 must include:

  • Contact information for the presenting author

Page 2 must include the Abstract, organized as follows:

  • Title
  • Authors (paragraph form, superscript numbers corresponding to affiliations)
  • Affiliations of authors (paragraph form)
  • Body of Abstract. Succinctly describe the objectives, the methods, essential results, data analysis, and conclusions.
  • Footnote listing funding (paragraph form)

Abstract Example:

A familiar flavor improves performance on a programming task

Jane Scientist1, Emily Student1, and Joe Chef2.

1Department of Neurogastronomy, Venus University, City, State, Country; 2Nouveau Foods Inc., City, State, Country

The objective of this study was to test whether unfamiliar flavors experienced immediately prior to testing improve performance.  Computer science majors in CS321 Programming in C were recruited and given either familiar or novel flavored candy 10 minutes before performing time-limited programming tasks.  Familiar flavor A was associated with higher percentages of correctly completed programs than familiar flavor B or either novel flavor tested (p < 0.01; ANOVA, n = 12).  No differences were observed in the perceived pleasantness of the flavors tested. We conclude that familiar flavor A has a neurological effect that improves this specific type of problem solving.

Funding: R01 DC234768 to J.S; Big Ag Industries Contract 476 to J.C.