Symposium Schedule

Morning Session

8:30am – Tim McClintock, Ph.D. Opening Remarks

8:40am – Rachel Herz, Ph.D. Deconstructing flavor and some surprising influences on food choice

9:10am. – Robert Pellegrino, Ph.D. Bringing Flavor Back Through the Senses: a Guide and Cookbook

9:40am – Tasting Break

10:10am – Fred Morin. Cook, lift and skate! The importance of providing young student athletes with fundamental cooking skills and basic culinary knowledge before addressing the question of sport nutrition

10:40am – Monica Fowler, MS, RD. Fueling the Collegiate Athlete for Health & Performance

11:10am – Panel Discussion

12:00pm. – Lunch Break and Poster Session

Afternoon Session

1:30pm – Valerie Duffy, Ph.D, RD. Variation in Salt Sensation and Preference

2:00 pm – Ginnefer Cox, Ph.D, RD, AOS. The Salty Spot: Practical Recipes for Sodium Reduction

2:30 pm – Gina Mullin Challenge Results

2:45 pm – Tasting Break

3:15 pm – Trevor Morones. Mastering Food

3:45 pm – Katie Barratt. The 3-step Tasting Protocol; The Cause and Effect of Food & Wine Pairing

4:15pm – Panel Discussion

5:00 pm – Closing Remarks


Sensory Dinner

6:30 – 9pm – Sensory Dinner Workshop located at Fasig-Tipton featuring John McGann, Ph.D

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